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Website design NZSpecialist in bespoke web site design and redesign projects. Expert at retaining your SEO rankings throughout redesign processes. Skilled at migrations from Weebly, WIX, Squarespace etc. Providers of website maintenance plans, WordPress Tech Support and hosting.

We don't only offer small business web design / website redesign services - we work with many small business website owners to improve their websites, improve their online placement and increase their online presence. Because WRC is also a small business, we understand the importance of having a great website that allows us to reach our clients at their level.

We understand that small business owners have smaller budgets, making it difficult to find companies that offer affordable web design services that they can use.

Many website companies are only looking for those big clients with budgets in excess of tens of thousands of dollars for a corporate website. That attitude makes it difficult for small businesses to find a designer willing to work with them.

Working with small businesses enterprises is our core business - small businesses are our specialty.

NZ Web Design Services

Here's a brief outline of the website design and development work I do for my clients.

WordPress Experts

Providing design, tech support and maintenance plans at affordable rates for small business.

Website Redesign

We re-imagine your old site, and transform it into a modern, fast and relevant business platform.


We build with latest responsive web design tools and standards for compatibility on all devices.

Affordable web design services by a web designer with over two decades of experience.

Looking for web design NZ services for a small business?
What do you need to know...

Price is not the only factor in web design NZ, but you get what you pay for. A small business owner must determine what they can afford, and match that against the value and service they’ll be getting from a supplier. Sure, using WordPress helps to make it more affordable but its important to realise that there's a lot of hours involved in implementing complex functionality, security, maintenance etc.

You may have to pick and choose services, or do things in stages to make the project affordable. Whilst we offer a number of different website services, you might not need it all upfront. Start with a basic website and then when the budget allows, step into SEO or other online marketing methods.

Listen... When consultants share their experience and knowledge, its smart to listen carefully! Many people have big dreams and unrealistic expectations. Understand that some of the fancy effects you want may not be either affordable or useful. We want to give you a website that works, that your clients and customers will love. Often, the flash features you liked on a competitor’s site is really killing their rankings...

Don’t add features just to add features, consider the pros and cons and listen to what your providers are telling you so you can make the best choices. Remember, we not only know how to make great websites, we understand how people use websites which is vitally important when it comes to planning your online strategy.

Realise that your business website isn’t actually for you… It’s actually for your customers. Use industry jargon and acronyms at your peril...

Excellent content is a key factor in business success. If you don’t have unique and original content that is well-written - good structure, composition, grammar and spelling -  you won’t get ranked on Google. Your potential customers won’t be able to find you, and if they do? They probably won’t find the information they are looking for! A website visitor who finds your website useful and informative is much more likely to become a customer than someone who can’t find what they’re looking for.

Web design services for small business don’t have to cost a fortune. WRC will help you get online with an affordable web design that works for you and your customers. Contact us today for a quote and see how we can help you.

Discuss your NZ Web Design Project with me

Contact me for a fast, free, no-obligation web design quote and/or a website audit. I will first analyse your current site and assess its technical and user experience shortcomings. I will identify opportities for improvement and provide indicative remedial costs.

Email: support@website-redesign-company.co

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Ben Kemp